Cuba Bikini LookBook PT.1

My Bikini Collection For Summer 17′

(Featuring Aerie Swim)

Photography: Shaquille Pesso


For my one week escape to Cuba I packed all my favourite Bikini’s and cover ups. As you will be able to see there is a lot from the Aerie Swim collection from last summer. I discovered their swimwear last summer during their $20 sales, I think I hit everyone they had and never looked back. There will be links to them if I can still find them or to similar ones from their current season, I hope you enjoy all the photos.


Day One  



I am a lover of a simply bikini and this terracotta colour was perfect

Day Two



Coverup is from Aliexpress


Day Three 



There is so much more where these pics come from but that’s for another post!

Coverup is from Forever21 two years ago

Day Four 



Coverup is from Boohoo last summer

Day Five 





Coverup is from Marciano

Hope you enjoyed part one, stay tuned for part two and check out my instagram for the photos not included here . Down below I will have links to items featured.

xo~ Shanique

Shop Links  

Ray Ban Aviators

Ray Ban Justin’s

Steve Madden Sliders

Marciano Electra Top


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