How to Style : Banker Stripes

Loving the blue and white stripe trend

Photography: Shaquille Pesso

Most of the fashion trends that are doing the rounds right now I am not a fan of for myself, but when I find one’s that work with my personal style I really go for it. That is the case with blue and white banker stripes, I am so in love with tops that follow this trend. So much so I literally own three tops that are made of the same identical material and pattern just in three different cuts. Obsessed? Absolutely but  I needed them, they were all different right?
Here are my quick tips on how I make this trend work for my own personal style.

How To Style

  1. The easiest way to try out the trend and implement it into your style is with the tops. I find it easier to style a printed top than a printed bottom and well, there isn’t much styling involved with dresses in the summer.
  2. White bottoms are going to give you a very Santorini vibe which I think goes hand in hand with this trend and keeps it simple.
  3. There is something inherently girly/business about this trend so there is nothing I love more than to pair that with some distressed denim. Theses Bermuda shorts are my everything, get ready to see them everywhere.
  4. Throw a little colour at it, I have been pairing  this style of top with a punchy red or orange heel and lips. However I also like the more toned down look of a nude pink pump.

Outfit Links

Top Marciano Stevie Striped Top         Bottom Guess Solange Distressed Bermuda

Shoes Aldo Stessy Pink Misc              Shades Ray-Ban Aviator gradient Gold

If you too are loving the banker stripes trend, share below, I would love to hear how you are rocking the style. There are a few more pieces that fall into this trend that I have been eyeing, but have not taken the plunge as yet. As a budget friendly fashionista like myself you might be wondering about the longevity of this trend and whether it’s worth saving or splurging on. I feel like this trend falls in the middle, if your into it and will wear the piece often then spend a little more. My reasoning for this is although this is a trend this summer, the banker stripes will always be acceptable for summer, and hell if you love it, wear it. With that said if you’re not that into it or just testing it out, save your coin and opt for a more affordable option. Below you will find pieces I think are worth a look on both ends of the spectrum.


1.Babaton Eric Blouse

2. Zara Striped Top  

3.Zara Striped Blouse with Pleated Sleeves

4.Boohoo Rosie Shirt Dress

Hope you guys enjoy this quick style post. Let me know if you are feeling the banker stripe trend and how you style it. Is there any pieces I must see?


Happy Shopping

xo- Shanique







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